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TEXVALLEY - 11,00,000 sqft

UTSAV PRASHANTHI - 113700 sqft

Bungalow A - 10500 sqft


217B Nanjundapuram Road


Coimbatore 641036

Tel: +91 72 00 66 91 91


Architectural & Interior design - making the hard-earned money of our clients to be thoughtfully invested into buildings for realising the projected financial returns while adding

1) TIMELESS & SUITABLE  ambience to the built & 

2) COMFORT to the user. 

TURYA - 21000 sqft

SAI AASHRAY - 21000 sqft

Bungalow B- 6400 sqft

THE ADDRESS ARCHITECTURE - A registered architectural & Interior design consultancy firm based at Coimbatore specializes in Malls and Housing Complexes. The team is managed by architect M.Sathish Kumar - graduated at one of the finest institutes in INDIA, (National Institute of Technology - Trichy) and registered with Council of Architecture - INDIA. His wide spectrum of INSIDE-OUT architectural experience is spread across INDIA & UAE. The Architectural Projects delivered ranges from Housing, Commercial & Institution complexes. The Interior Projects delivered ranges from Retail, Hospitality, Spiritual, Entertainment & Corporate office interiors.

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